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image Barista Parlor: A Brunch Destination in Disguise

The name alone, Barista Parlor.

The mad scientist-inspired brewing gadgetry.

The coffee.

photo 1The Bourbon Vanilla latte, squared.

Rumors led me to believe, sight unseen, that Barista Parlor is simply the East Nashville mecca of masterful morning brews. And it is. But this open-air, open-seating industrial conversion is also brimming with treats you can sink your teeth into.


image A Fancy-Pants Memorial Day Meal

I’m pretty adventurous when it comes to dining out, but that has never translated to my own kitchen until I was introduced to Blue Apron. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s an online subscription-based service that delivers fresh ingredients and detailed recipes to your front door in exactly the right proportions so there’s no guess work on your part. For those of us that buy the same items week in and week out, this is the perfect way to get out of your food rut.


image Burger Republic

Warning: You might call this place Banana Republic before all is said and done. Especially if you did a little indulging of the retail sort the day before you dine.

And if you, like me, tumble over this misnomer by asking the waiter to please “describe the Banana Republic sauce,” then you’ll surely get a hearty chuckle out of it. Savor the laugh, enjoy the moment, then redeem yourself by ordering a Spiked Shake.


image Fave Five: Mother’s Day Brunch Spots

Still looking for the perfect spot for tomorrow’s Mother’s Day celebration? Here are a few suggestions – five, to be exact – from the Five Dishes girls. 


image Nashville’s True Prince

In honor of the princes visiting Tennessee last week, we visited the royalty of all Nashville Hot Chicken: Prince’s Hot Chicken. Hot chicken is a huge (dare we say) phenomenon that is truly Nashville authentic, loved by celebrities and locals alike.


image Rachael’s Fave Five

In honor of Rachael’s birthday, we asked her to write about  any of her five favorite things! Luckily for us, she chose wine! Happy Birthday, Rachael!

I should start by clarifying that when I say “I love wine” what I really mean is “I love RED wine.” I have been known to make my food selection based on my wine, not the other way around. My first choice is always a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley, Ca., (yes, I’m that partial) while a close second is either an Argentinian Malbec or a blend of some sort. Her are some of my favorites you can find on wine lists in Nashville.