Monthly Archives: August 2014

image Adele’s

The coolest part about our evening at Adele’s?

It was not the repeated sightings of Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney, stepping outside for a smoke every half hour or so, giving us the perfect view of his cocktail and conversations from our patio table.


image Our Top Dish: the House Salad

We have been “supper clubbing” for two full years, and if you polled us on our favorite spots where we have gathered together in that time, there’s one meal that remains at the top of the list: the House Salad. This meal should be a pre-requisite to anyone who lives in Nashville and calls himself a “foodie.”


image Beyond Nashville: Napa Edition

If anyone needs a recommendation for their “bucket list”, my immediate response would be a trip to Wine Country (Napa and Sonoma Counties) in California. It’s a dream trip for any food and wine lover like myself – add in three lovely ladies and five days of perfect 70 degree sunny weather – and you have the makings of an unforgettable experience.


image The Adventures of Cooking with Kids

My son is a pretty good cook for a four-year old. He can roll out pizza dough, cut tomatoes with a dull dinner knife, mix cookies and flip pancakes with assistance. And he can make a spectacular mess in the kitchen. Somehow after cookie making, the whole kitchen turns from Soldier’s Coat navy to a lovely flour color. The mind boggles.