Monthly Archives: March 2015

image Nuit Belge: An Artistry Event

Nuit Belge means Belgian Night in French, and oh what a night it was. Belgian beer, cheese and food pairings, all with a creative flair that could only happen in Nashville.


It was equal parts foodie and beer aficionado heaven. The best kitchens in Nashville were assigned a specific beer as inspiration, prepared a food pairing especially for that beer’s flavors, resulting in nothing short of art. The restaurants went all-out, with creative flavor combinations ranging from peanut butter and ham biscuits to the traditional Belgian dish of moules frites.


image Beyond Nashville: Cleveland, Lexington and Louisville

Last summer, I began planning several road trips for the fall. A few – okay, most – revolved around college football with one glaring exception: Ohio. But there was a force as strong as college football beckoning me to the Buckeye state and that force’s name is Beyoncé. Yes, I made a pilgrimage to see Queen Bey’s exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. Luckily I was armed with a restaurant-heavy “to do” list to help this first-timer navigate the rest of Cleveland. More…