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Nuit Belge: An Artistry Event

Nuit Belge means Belgian Night in French, and oh what a night it was. Belgian beer, cheese and food pairings, all with a creative flair that could only happen in Nashville.


It was equal parts foodie and beer aficionado heaven. The best kitchens in Nashville were assigned a specific beer as inspiration, prepared a food pairing especially for that beer’s flavors, resulting in nothing short of art. The restaurants went all-out, with creative flavor combinations ranging from peanut butter and ham biscuits to the traditional Belgian dish of moules frites.


Beyond Nashville: Taste of Belgium

Chocolatiers on almost every corner, store fronts stacked floor-to-ceiling with beer, the smell of sweet waffles and fries with every choice imaginable of dipping sauce: Belgium was our land of indulgence. Sure there was lots to see, history to learn and culture to take in, but most of our exploration was for the palate.

Our Belgian excursion started in Bruges, a town known as the “Venice of the North.” The canals that weave through the town made for beautiful photos and a lazy boat tour of the town. Cobblestone streets, the click of horse-drawn buggies, swan-covered canals and churning white windmills are proof points that this town, indeed, resembles the pages of a fairytale book, but with more beer.



Carrie’s Fave Five: Fall Beers

October is my favorite time of the year and not just because it’s my birthday month. The air is clearer, the skies are bluer and the beer is tastier. More…

Blackberry Season

Blackberry season is one of my favorite childhood memories. I grew up in a rural part of Kentucky and every July we spent countless hours picking blackberries. We’d come home with scratches, bug bites and stained fingers but it was always worth it. In the spirit of this wonderful season, I’m sharing my 5 favorite ideas for how to enjoy those delicious black treats.