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Our first supper club of 2015 required no pre-date menu study,
no valet parking
and no reservation.

We didn’t feel obligated to have perfect table posture or pressured to choose the right fork.
The toughest decision we had to make all night was booth—or table.


Fave Five: Edible Gift Ideas

Still not done Christmas shopping? Us either! In case you’re still searching for ideas to stick a bow on, we’ve pulled together our five favorite edible (and drinkable) gifts. Put something delicious under that tree of yours and whoever opens it is sure to smile.


Leslie’s Fave Five: Food Discoveries in 2014

We’ve all heard some version of the strikingly simple fact that we don’t really remember days or weeks, but moments.


Fave Five: Thanksgiving Recipes

We couldn’t help but weigh in on the biggest meal of the season. From savory to sweet and right back to savory again, everyone has a favorite Thanksgiving dish that inspires seconds. Thirds. Tupperware bins stuffed full of it.

Below are our five favorite recipes — some new, some old — that we’ll be making (or just eating) year after thanks-filled year.


Sinema Restaurant + Bar

Sinema roused the child in all of us.

Maybe because dark, quiet theaters — and restaurants inspired by dark, quiet theaters — are settings traditionally commanding your best, most hush-hush behavior. Which naturally has the opposite effect on a group of adolescent girls grown women.



The coolest part about our evening at Adele’s?

It was not the repeated sightings of Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney, stepping outside for a smoke every half hour or so, giving us the perfect view of his cocktail and conversations from our patio table.


Once Upon A Treehouse

A Treehouse is an escape. A place where dreams and make believe are suspended safely above the real world.

True to form, East Nashville’s eatery by the same name left us feeling like we were in a fairytale. More…

Barista Parlor: A Brunch Destination in Disguise

The name alone, Barista Parlor.

The mad scientist-inspired brewing gadgetry.

The coffee.

photo 1The Bourbon Vanilla latte, squared.

Rumors led me to believe, sight unseen, that Barista Parlor is simply the East Nashville mecca of masterful morning brews. And it is. But this open-air, open-seating industrial conversion is also brimming with treats you can sink your teeth into.


Burger Republic

Warning: You might call this place Banana Republic before all is said and done. Especially if you did a little indulging of the retail sort the day before you dine.

And if you, like me, tumble over this misnomer by asking the waiter to please “describe the Banana Republic sauce,” then you’ll surely get a hearty chuckle out of it. Savor the laugh, enjoy the moment, then redeem yourself by ordering a Spiked Shake.