(Biscuit) Love, Actually

An important part of my weekend routine has revolved around where the Biscuit Love Truck was parked and serving. I had it down: Franklin Farmers Market on Saturdays early or White’s Mercantile on Sundays. And I had to be prompt, because when they run out of menu items on the truck, my craving will have to wait another week. You could call it routine, but the big L-O-V-E was how I feel about that truck. Big Southern tastes to warm the belly and start the day right? Yes, most definitely LOVE. And now the beloved truck is Nashville newest breakfast and lunch spot, Biscuit Love Brunch.

And it was a story of love, actually, that started Karl and Sarah Worley’s culinary adventures. Sarah announced she was moving to Denver to attend Johnson & Wales culinary school around eight years ago. Karl thought for a moment and followed her to attend as well, and the couple never looked back. They studied, cooked, got married, moved to South Carolina, had a daughter and moved to Nashville to be closer to family. Along the way, they developed the kind of cooking they wanted to bring to the world: southern recipes, the way they were originally made, with simple ingredients and big flavors.

From talking with Karl, it’s clear that his passion for simple, natural ingredients fuels the Biscuit Love Brunch menu. His yeast-raised biscuit is his grandmother’s recipe. His purveyors of ingredients are purists too, and authentic to methods used for more than 50 years, such as Mr. Jake in Joelton who provides the local sausage. Or the Fatback Pig Project in Alabama where farmers use Temple Grandin’s humane animal husbandry methods. Karl was even tutored by Bill Smith of Crook’s Corner to perfect real Shrimp and Grits with just five tasty ingredients.

IMG_8107 Biscuit Love Brunch is in the Gulch next to Bar Louie. 

Impatience and LOVE made me drive down to the Gulch and peer in the window. There was Karl, quietly serving the folks smart enough to show up before the online “now open” sign. My girlfriend Joy, her son Elliott and I tried everything: shrimp & grits with lemon beurre blanc, the “East Nasty” fried chicken with Jake’s sausage gravy on a biscuit, “chronic” bacon cured with sugar and red pepper flakes, The “Lindstrom” (brussels spouts, hazelnuts, parmesan and two poached eggs) Alma’s buttered and scalloped garlic potatoes, The “Lily” French Toast with blueberry compote and lemon mascarpone, and Bonuts. Don’t ask what Bonuts are, just go and order.

image1The restaurant upon entrance; there’s a walk up counter for easy ordering, bar and lots of tables for seating.

From the food, the decor, Prosecco on tap for fresh-squeezed orange juice mimosas, the ham bar with true country ham and biscuits on the go, and the pastry selection, a lot of thought and LOVE has been put into the Worleys’ first brick and mortar. And plenty of people agree with their vision too. Biscuit Love Truck was invited to Garden & Gun’s Jubilee in December, and Karl describes the event as “unbelievable” to be included. Karl tells me the story of how he found his pastry chef, Desiree Litchford, a culinary student who had volunteered to work on the truck. Karl hired her for pay and after two weeks, she made his biscuits better than he ever could. I can’t wait to see what creations of wonderful pastry goodness his new found talent makes.

When asked what’s next for Biscuit Love Brunch, Karl says, “The truck was a dream come true. It’s like having a kid, they grow up and take on a life of their own. It’s been an amazing journey. Right now, we are just enjoying each moment and making everything [in the restaurant] better each day. We’ll see what the future holds.”

Nashville has earned a wonderful new place for breakfast and lunch, and I believe you’ll find LOVE here too. The Ham bar opened over the weekend, with a grab & go option perfect for before work. The pastry selection will be up and running this week. Biscuit Love Brunch is located in the Gulch on 11th Avenue, next to Bar Louie.

IMG_8066 Kid approved! 3-year-old Elliott was satisfied with his meal and three pieces of chronic bacon. I’d say that’s a win.  

IMG_8102 Shrimp & Grits is now on the Biscuit Love menu, one of the new menu items Karl said was not ideal for serving on the truck. 

IMG_8061 Bonuts, the “Lindstrom” and the kids’ biscuit, eggs and bacon. 

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