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A perfect pairing for your Thanksgiving table

Fall calls me to my kitchen more than any other time of year. I’m not sure if it’s the need for warmth in the form of baking fresh pumpkin bread or the smells that mulled wine and anything with cinnamon and vanilla produce, but there’s something I can’t resist.


Leslie’s Fave Five: Food Discoveries in 2014

We’ve all heard some version of the strikingly simple fact that we don’t really remember days or weeks, but moments.


Fave Five: Thanksgiving Recipes

We couldn’t help but weigh in on the biggest meal of the season. From savory to sweet and right back to savory again, everyone has a favorite Thanksgiving dish that inspires seconds. Thirds. Tupperware bins stuffed full of it.

Below are our five favorite recipes — some new, some old — that we’ll be making (or just eating) year after thanks-filled year.


Blackberry Season

Blackberry season is one of my favorite childhood memories. I grew up in a rural part of Kentucky and every July we spent countless hours picking blackberries. We’d come home with scratches, bug bites and stained fingers but it was always worth it. In the spirit of this wonderful season, I’m sharing my 5 favorite ideas for how to enjoy those delicious black treats.