Restaurant Reviews


Our first supper club of 2015 required no pre-date menu study,
no valet parking
and no reservation.

We didn’t feel obligated to have perfect table posture or pressured to choose the right fork.
The toughest decision we had to make all night was booth—or table.


Chauhan Ale & Masala House

A cold and blustery winter night got rather warm and spicy when our supper club convened at the recently-opened Chauhan Ale & Masala House, where high-concept Indian fare meets down-home southern hospitality. More…

Sinema Restaurant + Bar

Sinema roused the child in all of us.

Maybe because dark, quiet theaters — and restaurants inspired by dark, quiet theaters — are settings traditionally commanding your best, most hush-hush behavior. Which naturally has the opposite effect on a group of adolescent girls grown women.


Acme Feed and Seed

Acme Feed & Seed has only been open for weeks, but has quickly made waves for it’s unique concept and creative cuisine. We were excited to make our way downtown to see – and taste – for ourselves. Rachael had whetted our appetite with rave reviews of the pork griot, which she sampled the weekend before at the Music City Wine + Food Festival.

photo 1-2

First floor of Acme, where you’ll find a bar to your left and stage to the right.



The coolest part about our evening at Adele’s?

It was not the repeated sightings of Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney, stepping outside for a smoke every half hour or so, giving us the perfect view of his cocktail and conversations from our patio table.


Ramen is All Grown Up

Ramen hasn’t been a part of my culinary life since my college days when I kept a case of it under my dorm bed at all times.

I was recently re-introduced a few weeks ago by Blue Apron (my latest cooking obsession) and their Chicken Tsukune Spring Ramen which turned out to be delicious – both fresh and filling.


Brunch with Josephine

On a recent rainy Saturday morning, Supper Club became Breakfast Club when we gathered for brunch at Josephine, the darling of 12th South and sister restaurant to Burger Up. Owned by Community Hospitality, Josephine opened in December to rave reviews.


Once Upon A Treehouse

A Treehouse is an escape. A place where dreams and make believe are suspended safely above the real world.

True to form, East Nashville’s eatery by the same name left us feeling like we were in a fairytale. More…

All Hail Saint Añejo

July supper club was called to order at Saint Añejo. Only opening this past spring, we were relieved if not overdue to finally make our way back to the Gulch to check it out.


A little love for Auburn + Acre

I could write a ridiculously long post about how much of my heart is occupied by Auburn, Ala. The university. The football. The people. And now I have another reason to love Auburn: the food. More…