Fave Five: Edible Gift Ideas

Still not done Christmas shopping? Us either! In case you’re still searching for ideas to stick a bow on, we’ve pulled together our five favorite edible (and drinkable) gifts. Put something delicious under that tree of yours and whoever opens it is sure to smile.

Bloody Mary Gift Basket
The gift for what ails you, pure and simple. Pack your Bloody Mary basket full of flavor, including Walker’s Bloody Mary Mix which just happens to be made right here in Nashville. Whether it’s enjoyed on Christmas Eve, saved for New Year’s Day, or opened right away by an eager hostess, this is one spicy package that’s sure to please during the holidays.

bloody basketSanta-approved!

bloody basket 2Add-on idea: Include playful plastic swords, bamboo or holiday-themed drink stirrers. 

Nashville S’mores
When Bang Candy Company marshmallows meet Olive and Sinclair Chocolate beside a warm, cozy fire, a one-of-a-kind treat is born. Just add graham crackers. These are two of my favorite Nashville-native sweets. For those friends who have that perfect fire pit, this is one gift that’s sure to hit the sweet spot.

Nashville S'mores

Whisper Creek Tennessee Sipping Cream
I had the pleasure of trying Whisper Creek a few years ago and loved its creamy, sweet flavor. It’s a whiskey liquor, much like Kahlua is for rum. Enjoy this smoky, Tennessee cream whiskey with coffee ice cubes while sitting by a fire at your holiday gatherings. It’s the perfect hostess gift — give it alongside those coffee ice cubes and you’ll definitely get another invitation soon.

Whisper Creek Tennessee Sipping Cream

Infused Olive Oil
After Julia wrote about a tasting at the Olive Oil store in Green Hills, I took some visiting family by for a quick visit that soon turned into love at first taste. Four bottles later, we left the store armed with plenty of infused olive oils and flavored balsamic vinegars to make it through the summer. I plan on giving more delicious combinations to the chefs in my life – but not without tasting them all in-store first! There are many gift and sampler packs available for those who can’t pick just one of each (or to take home for yourself). A tip for those who don’t need to taste: if you call ahead and place your order, the friendly staff will run it out to your car.

Spoil your favorite foodie with this sampler pack, available to fill with any 6 oils or vinegars of your choice. The cute wrapping is just icing on the cake!Spoil your favorite foodie with this sampler pack, available to fill with any 6 oils or vinegars of your choice. The cute wrapping is just icing on the cake!

Mulled Wine Gift Basket
Know what happens when the comforting spice and zing of warm apple cider mixes with the rejuvenating elixir that is red wine? Magic. Or Mulled Wine, if you prefer to call it such. This is the perfect gift to warm someone’s spirits — even your own! Gather up a nice bottle of red, an orange or two, apple cider, brandy, a few key spices and there you have it. All the makings of Mmmm.

IMG_4955I’d recommend including a handwritten recipe card for a personal touch. See the recipe below for inspiration — and don’t be afraid to put your own spin on it. Try Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey instead of Brandy, for example. 


makes 6 cups
1. In a large pot, bring the wine, brandy (optional), apple cider and honey to a low boil.
2. Add the cinnamon, vanilla bean, cloves and star anise. Reduce heat and simmer for 15-30 minutes. You can either add the spices directly to your pot and strain later to serve, or bundle in a cheesecloth.
3. Garnish with chopped oranges and a cinnamon stick.

Experiment with how much of each spice, honey, apple cider, etc. you want to add depending on how spicy or sweet you like your wine. Store leftovers in the fridge and reheat the next day.



That’s a wrap! 
Hopefully a few of these ideas will make it to the top of your list — and to the bottom of some grateful bellies.