Homestead Manor: Five reasons to love it

What could make for a more perfect Southern summer night than sipping cocktails on the front porch? When the sipping is followed by the exploration of a historic plantation and farm, of course. We did just that last weekend with other Nashville bloggers at Thompson Station’s newest event venue and restaurant, Homestead Manor.

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Summer Harvest cocktail: Hendrick’s gin, St. Germain, muddled cucumber, lime, rosemary


Funny to call this the “newest” anything, being that it’s a historic home from the Civil War, standing proud with many-a-story of its days of being used as a hospital for wounded soldiers. These stories lend such richness to Homestead’s history—and its present-day incarnation—we highly recommend it be seen and experienced firsthand. Here’s why.

A rundown of the top five reasons Homestead needs to be on your must-try list:


1. The Glass Bar

The setting at Homestead is exactly how you’d want it to be for a leisurely cocktail and elegant dinner. The Glass Bar behind the house is equal parts rustic and fresh with its walls of glass, reclaimed wood and brick floors. All the chandeliers are handmade works of art as are the cocktails. I’d suggest giving yourself extra time either before or after your meal to hang in the bar area. You’ll need reservations on weekends, but the bar is first-come-first-serve and a must, in my opinion.



Summer Sangria (changes daily)

2. The Freshest Food, Hands Down  

It doesn’t get much more farm-to-table (or farm-to-fork) than to have an on-site working organic farm supplying the restaurant with the freshest produce for their seasonal dishes. Joni and Casey McCarty take much pride in their 10-acre farm just beyond the railroad tracks on the property which you’re more than welcome to take an after dinner stroll to see for yourself.



Spaghetti & Meatballs: homemade noodles, tre carne – a blend of regional farm-raised, hormone-free veal/pork/lamb with marinara, mozzarella and focaccia 


Harvest Garden Salad: variety of seasonal vegetables and superfoods picked fresh from the farm


Hominy Hummus Dip: roasted red peppers, house-made bread and Homestead crackers 


Veggie Skewers: variety of seasonal vegetables


Primavera: homemade pasta, pappardelle, ratatouille, garlic, fennel, zucchini, squash, mushrooms, sage


Sausage and Pepper pizza: local ground sausage, spicy peppers, mozzarella, homemade sourdough 

Peach and Pecan pizza: goat cheese, blackberries, balsamic drizzle, homemade sourdough 


IMG_5869 IMG_5875

Brick-oven Bread made in-house, with whipped herb butter


Gelato: Jack Daniel’s + pecan, tiramisu, chocolate


3. Brunch

We only got a teaser sampling off the brunch menu, but it was enough to convince me we have to come back for the full experience, being that brunch is my absolute favorite meal of the week.



4. Touring the Grounds

Homestead is not only a restaurant + bar, but an event venue as well. This renovated open-air barn will have you daydreaming of reasons you need on the guest list.

IMG_5805 IMG_5810 IMG_5813


5. The History and Design

Homestead is an 1819 Antebellum home with quite a history. Kim and David Leggett of City Farmhouse designed each room with this history in mind. You’ll want to tour each dining room in the main house and hear the inspiration for each theme that’s carried out from the Library to the Music Room. (And be sure to ask about the stories of the cellar and the third floor while you’re there.)

I didn’t have much opportunity to capture the main dining rooms, but here’s a peak in the little school house that comes as your Bride’s room for those planning a wedding.

IMG_5904 IMG_5910 IMG_5909 IMG_5906

For these five reasons and so many more, Homestead Manor is well worth the drive to Thompson’s Station, be that now while the trees are still green or in the Fall when color will surround this beautiful area. Either way, you might find us right there on the front porch! Meanwhile, make reservations or find more info on their site. (And thanks for dropping by ours for a spell!)