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Our Top 5 Tastes of Nashville

This must be one of my favorite events of the year in Nashville seeing that I made it even after working thirty hours straight for another non-profit focused event called Createathon. Yes, you heard that right. After only two hours of sleep in two days, I met most of our “dishes” at Rocketown for The Taste of Nashville.


Fave Five: Thanksgiving Recipes

We couldn’t help but weigh in on the biggest meal of the season. From savory to sweet and right back to savory again, everyone has a favorite Thanksgiving dish that inspires seconds. Thirds. Tupperware bins stuffed full of it.

Below are our five favorite recipes — some new, some old — that we’ll be making (or just eating) year after thanks-filled year.


Music City Bacon & Barrel Festival

Ever felt like you were in a Dr. Seuss book? I certainly did just this past weekend at the Music City Bacon and Barrel Festival. Twenty-five wonderful restaurants with delectable bacon samples could be a bestseller: “Will you taste it on a cupcake? Will you try it in a milkshake? Try pimento cheese with bacon jam! Or gouda mac & cheese with pork belly ham?”