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The First 3st of the Month 2015

Well, we’re five days into a new year and if there’s one thing that’s consistent of those days – they’ve all been very grey. And wet. So what better way to wish away the rainy weather than with a Holiday Hangover Brunch by 3st of the Month?

If you’re not familiar, 3st of the Month is an invitation-only monthly event designed to bring those together who share a love of food and drink – all while benefiting deserving non-profits (this month’s supported Nurses for Newborns). The event venues rotate as well so you have the opportunity to check out different locations with each month.  More…

Fave Five: Edible Gift Ideas

Still not done Christmas shopping? Us either! In case you’re still searching for ideas to stick a bow on, we’ve pulled together our five favorite edible (and drinkable) gifts. Put something delicious under that tree of yours and whoever opens it is sure to smile.