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Luke & the Chocolate Factory

I’ll never forget the first time I read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. As a kid, it’s what dreams were made of: rivers flowing of chocolate, bubble gum that tastes like anything you wish, elevators able to fly anywhere and all the candy you can eat. I wonder if this story ever crossed Scott Witherow’s mind when he decided to dedicate his career to chocolate making with his brand, Olive & Sinclair.


Barista Parlor: A Brunch Destination in Disguise

The name alone, Barista Parlor.

The mad scientist-inspired brewing gadgetry.

The coffee.

photo 1The Bourbon Vanilla latte, squared.

Rumors led me to believe, sight unseen, that Barista Parlor is simply the East Nashville mecca of masterful morning brews. And it is. But this open-air, open-seating industrial conversion is also brimming with treats you can sink your teeth into.