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Our first supper club of 2015 required no pre-date menu study,
no valet parking
and no reservation.

We didn’t feel obligated to have perfect table posture or pressured to choose the right fork.
The toughest decision we had to make all night was booth—or table.


Ramen is All Grown Up

Ramen hasn’t been a part of my culinary life since my college days when I kept a case of it under my dorm bed at all times.

I was recently re-introduced a few weeks ago by Blue Apron (my latest cooking obsession) and their Chicken Tsukune Spring Ramen which turned out to be delicious – both fresh and filling.


Once Upon A Treehouse

A Treehouse is an escape. A place where dreams and make believe are suspended safely above the real world.

True to form, East Nashville’s eatery by the same name left us feeling like we were in a fairytale. More…

Barista Parlor: A Brunch Destination in Disguise

The name alone, Barista Parlor.

The mad scientist-inspired brewing gadgetry.

The coffee.

photo 1The Bourbon Vanilla latte, squared.

Rumors led me to believe, sight unseen, that Barista Parlor is simply the East Nashville mecca of masterful morning brews. And it is. But this open-air, open-seating industrial conversion is also brimming with treats you can sink your teeth into.


Nashville’s True Prince

In honor of the princes visiting Tennessee last week, we visited the royalty of all Nashville Hot Chicken: Prince’s Hot Chicken. Hot chicken is a huge (dare we say) phenomenon that is truly Nashville authentic, loved by celebrities and locals alike.