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Nuit Belge: An Artistry Event

Nuit Belge means Belgian Night in French, and oh what a night it was. Belgian beer, cheese and food pairings, all with a creative flair that could only happen in Nashville.


It was equal parts foodie and beer aficionado heaven. The best kitchens in Nashville were assigned a specific beer as inspiration, prepared a food pairing especially for that beer’s flavors, resulting in nothing short of art. The restaurants went all-out, with creative flavor combinations ranging from peanut butter and ham biscuits to the traditional Belgian dish of moules frites.


Leslie’s Fave Five: Food Discoveries in 2014

We’ve all heard some version of the strikingly simple fact that we don’t really remember days or weeks, but moments.


Warehouse Experiment: Chef Stithem’s Dinner Lab

Ever been invited to a warehouse in the dodgy part of town for a “experience like no other?” Me neither, until recently when I found myself in my favorite cocktail dress in a gravel lot hoping not to be shanked.

This is Dinner Lab; unexpected locations, experimental menu with the South’s best chefs, and a foodie group ready to mingle and relish in the adventure.