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Fave Five: Thanksgiving Recipes

We couldn’t help but weigh in on the biggest meal of the season. From savory to sweet and right back to savory again, everyone has a favorite Thanksgiving dish that inspires seconds. Thirds. Tupperware bins stuffed full of it.

Below are our five favorite recipes — some new, some old — that we’ll be making (or just eating) year after thanks-filled year.


Five Dish Ideas for your 4th

Although we might not be moving ahead in the World Cup, we Americans still have plenty to celebrate with our upcoming Independence Day and holiday weekend fast approaching.

If you’re planing to host a gathering and watch the fireworks here in Nashville or headed to the beach and beyond, here are five noteworthy ideas perfect for any plans you have ahead:


Weekend getaway in the woods

‘Tis the time to travel and I recently had the pleasure of spending a weekend with girlfriends at a cabin in the heart of Fall Creek Falls. If you’ve been, you know there aren’t many dining options around the park so I’d advise you to plan your menu in advance as we did.

We had a lot planned for those two days so we wanted easy meals that would leave us feeling like we ate well (and by well, I mean healthy) but didn’t require a lot of time in the kitchen. Here’s some of the highlights of how we dined on our two day adventure: More…