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Our first supper club of 2015 required no pre-date menu study,
no valet parking
and no reservation.

We didn’t feel obligated to have perfect table posture or pressured to choose the right fork.
The toughest decision we had to make all night was booth—or table.


Five Nashville Foods to Try: Swimsuit Edition

There’s a first time for everything and lately, Nashville has gained plenty of press. We are ranked as one of the top cities for singles, millennials, business and “to party in America” per  Travel + Leisure, Forbes and Men’s Fitness respectively. And when your city is hot, all sorts of interesting events come your way. If you haven’t read the news lately, you may not know that Sports Illustrated is announcing its swimsuit lineup right here in Nashville, February 11-12. That’s right, the launch of the annual Swimsuit issue of SI. Our lovely landlocked town will be infiltrated by models, their entourage, and model stalkers for a two-day party downtown.

So ladies of Sports Illustrated, welcome to Nashville! We hope you find our city and accommodations welcoming. And because you have just been graced with the biggest honor a body can receive, you should indulge in one of Nashville’s greatest legacies: good ole southern food. Allow us to introduce you to five foods you’re sure to love! This town doesn’t mess around when it comes to eating well.


Sinema Restaurant + Bar

Sinema roused the child in all of us.

Maybe because dark, quiet theaters — and restaurants inspired by dark, quiet theaters — are settings traditionally commanding your best, most hush-hush behavior. Which naturally has the opposite effect on a group of adolescent girls grown women.