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(Biscuit) Love, Actually

An important part of my weekend routine has revolved around where the Biscuit Love Truck was parked and serving. I had it down: Franklin Farmers Market on Saturdays early or White’s Mercantile on Sundays. And I had to be prompt, because when they run out of menu items on the truck, my craving will have to wait another week. You could call it routine, but the big L-O-V-E was how I feel about that truck. Big Southern tastes to warm the belly and start the day right? Yes, most definitely LOVE. And now the beloved truck is Nashville newest breakfast and lunch spot, Biscuit Love Brunch.


A Gulch Giveaway

It’s no secret the Gulch is growing. From Adele’s to 404 Kitchen, the dining options read like roll call at the James Beard Foundation. But what’s also happening quietly is the longstanding restaurants, faced with increased competition, are being forced to put up or shutter up, as was the unfortunate case when Rumours unexpectedly closed its doors this fall. Five Dishes recently visited Cantina Laredo and Watermark, two of the Gulch’s veteran restaurants to hear – and taste – what they are doing to spice things up. Literally. More…


The coolest part about our evening at Adele’s?

It was not the repeated sightings of Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney, stepping outside for a smoke every half hour or so, giving us the perfect view of his cocktail and conversations from our patio table.