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The First 3st of the Month 2015

Well, we’re five days into a new year and if there’s one thing that’s consistent of those days – they’ve all been very grey. And wet. So what better way to wish away the rainy weather than with a Holiday Hangover Brunch by 3st of the Month?

If you’re not familiar, 3st of the Month is an invitation-only monthly event designed to bring those together who share a love of food and drink – all while benefiting deserving non-profits (this month’s supported Nurses for Newborns). The event venues rotate as well so you have the opportunity to check out different locations with each month.  More…

food, wine & a great cause

I have yet to meet someone new to Nashville who hasn’t already fallen in love with this wonderful city we call home. I’m a lifer, so you can imagine the special place it holds in my heart. Pair that love with two of my other passions, food and wine, and you have one giddy girl.

I’m talking about the Nashville Wine and Food Festival, of course.


Rachael’s Fave Five

In honor of Rachael’s birthday, we asked her to write about  any of her five favorite things! Luckily for us, she chose wine! Happy Birthday, Rachael!

I should start by clarifying that when I say “I love wine” what I really mean is “I love RED wine.” I have been known to make my food selection based on my wine, not the other way around. My first choice is always a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley, Ca., (yes, I’m that partial) while a close second is either an Argentinian Malbec or a blend of some sort. Her are some of my favorites you can find on wine lists in Nashville.