The First 3st of the Month 2015

Well, we’re five days into a new year and if there’s one thing that’s consistent of those days – they’ve all been very grey. And wet. So what better way to wish away the rainy weather than with a Holiday Hangover Brunch by 3st of the Month?

If you’re not familiar, 3st of the Month is an invitation-only monthly event designed to bring those together who share a love of food and drink – all while benefiting deserving non-profits (this month’s supported Nurses for Newborns). The event venues rotate as well so you have the opportunity to check out different locations with each month. 

As you already know, the theme was “Holiday Hangover Brunch” which as I’m sure you can guess, was completely sold out. This may have had some to do with the theme but most likely just as much to do with the stellar location – the Bridge Building overlooking downtown and Second Avenue.

Here’s some of our favorites from the day:

Biscuit Love Truck

They served an amazing layered bowl of grits, slow roasted pork, collard greens, various hams, blue cheese and hot sauce. By far my favorite sampling from the whole event. Their restaurant is opening at the end of the month in the Gulch, and Five Dishes eagerly looks forward to visiting.

IMG_5152-1 IMG_5153-1IMG_5157-1

Stiegl Radler Grapefruit Beer + Boodles Gin

I was introduced to Stiegl this summer, but am even more impressed with this citrusy beer with gin. I’d vote their table to be my favorite display with grapefruit quarters surrounding these retro-inspired tall boys.

IMG_5159-1 IMG_5160-1

The “Milk-y Stache”

This drink gets my vote for most creative. Combine Jameson Irish Wiskey, Kahlua, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Milk for a boozie breakfast cereal shot. I’d give it a 10 on the creativity scale.

IMG_5166-1 IMG_5165-1 IMG_5162-1

Jeni’s Ice Cream 

As always, Jeni’s did not disappoint with their Yazoo Sue and rosemary blend ice cream shown with coffee liqueur. They also served their popular flavor salted caramel.


McClure’s Bloody Mary Mixer + Pickles

I love a good Bloody Mary and was already a fan of McClure’s Mixers (stocked locally in grocery stores). They’re a perfect blend with just the right amount of spice. I’d never tried their pickles and had the chance to add one to my Bloody Mary, which made a favorite drink even better.



You’ve probably never encountered any drink quite like this. Although it may look like Sangria, Spodee is a mix of wine with moonshine. The one pictured here tasted just like a tootsie roll pop. I was on sweet overload by the end of the afternoon!


Next month’s event has now been announced: “Bitter Lovers – A Cocktail Celebration of Bitters, Amaris and Aperitifs” at the new Bell Tower on Tuesday, Feb. 3rd. Although this is an invite only, there are many opportunities for members to give invitations to non-members. If you’re someone who’d love to be a part of this monthly event, leave us a comment below.

IMG_5181-1Rachael, Julia and our +1 Samara posing in between the drizzle of the rain.